My boyfriend has been getting adjusted by Dr. Venus for over 10 years. I finally took his advice and visited her after the residual pain of a car accident became an issue. Dr. Venus gave me the most comprehensive pre-treatment exam I have ever received from a health professional. She was able to heal years of pain within 15 minutes due to the extensive and thoughtful questions she asked. I cannot recommend Dr. Venus enough, her chiropractic treatments not only reduced my pain, but increased my energy. She is truly attentive and caring, I look forward to my alignments all week!

— Chelsea P.

What a blessing it was finding Dr. Venus. I suffered for over one year with constant debilitating TMJ jaw, face, & neck pain. I went to medical specialists one after another and against the advice of my medical doctor finally sought chiropractic care. I found Dr. Venus Maher and learned she specialized in cranial work and had experience treating TMJ. From our first meeting, she took the time to really understand my issues, clearly explained the diagnostic and treatment process and set about trying to gently “fix” the issue. She explained that she would not continue treatments unless I felt things were getting better.

Oh, My, Goodness… within only a few weeks I began to really get better. It took some time but eventually I was pain free. My jaw pain is gone and even headaches and back-pains I’ve always had are better now. Everyone comments on how improved I look now that I am no longer struggling with daily pain. The only bad thing is that I did not seek-out and find Dr. Venus sooner. It worked for me and I can’t recommend Dr. Venus strongly enough.

Nimfa de la Fuente

I've learned so much about what it means to be in proper alignment from Dr. Maher. Most powerful of all is what my body tells me after having an adjustment. Walking is so much smoother and easier now. I was feeling as though the ageing process was progressing way too quickly and a knee injury seemed to throw me "off kilter". The adjustments truly feel like the passing of years has slowed down in terms of physical aches and I feel so much more straight and aligned.

— Jeanne, Cotati

When I came here I was hurting so much from a car accident. It felt like I was in hell. I couldn't sleep, I couldn't work, I couldn't play with my children. Coming here was like seeing light. Now I can work. I feel like I am alive again. I can do the things I like to do.

And my son… I felt like crying when he was crying and said "Daddy, I can't sleep." Now he is free of pain. He is signed up to play soccer. He's like a kid again .

Thank you Dr. Maher, you have the passion, the compassion in your hands to fix people.

— Manuel Vivas

Thanks to Dr. Maher and her wonderful staff— I once had headaches that would make me miserable. But today I am whole again and enjoying life to the fullest!

— Phyliss

My name is Janet Murray and I recently had my first experience with a chiropractor, Dr. Venus Maher.

My whole upper back and neck had left me in excruciating pain constantly. It hurt to even touch the surface. I tried pain pills and hot compressants but nothing seemed to work. I felt hopeless.

Then a friend recommended I see a chiropractor. I was skeptical at first but after my first visit with Dr. Maher I had no doubt in my mind that this would work.

After just six visits to her office I no longer need any pain medication and I feel great!

Not only is Dr. Maher an amazing doctor, she made me feel comfortable and at ease in my surroundings.

Thank you Dr. Maher!

— Janet Murray

Dr. Venus has been my chiropractor for 19 + years. I want no one else. She's the best.

— Jim Mays

Dr. Maher is a genuine, kind and caring person, who finds pleasure in helping her patients decrease their pain and increase movement, enabling them to carry on with life.

Through Dr. Maher's gentle adjustments, I have been able to continue a physically demanding life at work and home.

Along with her professional skills, Dr. Maher brings a positive and loving energy to this planet that is greatly needed.

Very Sincerely,

— M. P., R.N.

Venus Maher has a gentle touch especially for those with arthritic conditions. She is aware of the pain and inflammation of arthritis and can actually perform adjustments during even the most painful flare ups. I know that I have had times when just a sheet covering me at night has cause excruciating pain and her empathic abilities have enabled her to perform adjustments without creating further pain for me. I highly recommend her to anyone suffering from any form of arthritis.

— Ruth Owens

When I first came to Dr. Maher my neck was in bad shape. It hurt when I swam or turned my head for any reason. Now the pain is going away, its getting so much better. Now it doesn't usually hurt when I turn. I am happy because I felt like my bones were wrong and now they are right.

— Ernesto

Our daughter Malia was born screaming and never stopped. Nothing soothed her. Strapping her in a car seat was a nightmare. Laying her on her back was torturous. Even changing her diaper was excruciating for her. The doctors said it was colic, but our parental instinct told us differently. It was clear that she was in pain, a lot of pain - constantly! Then we found Dr. Maher. Only … because she offered a free check up to newborns did we finally, out of sheer desperation, take her to Dr. Maher. Within minutes Malia was diagnosed with severe alignment issues in her pelvis, back, and neck. From the first visit we noticed an improvement. However, we were still skeptical about chiropractics for kids … until one … day Malia wasn't able to lift her head from the floor any longer. She looked "stuck." She had been screaming even more intensely than usual for 2 days. We were desperate. Dr. Maher diagnosed her with a pinched nerve and … within one manipulation … Malia went from screaming to SMILING on the table. We were stunned. We'd never seen her look so at peace. We've been taking Malia to see her ever since. She is 4 now and in great physical shape. Dr. Maher is a wonderfully kind, compassionate doctor, and she truly helped our daughter in ways that no other treatment could.

— Malia’s Mom

Several months ago I found Dr. Venus Maher in the yellow pages under "Chiropractic". I have been suffering from low arthritic back pain [and] herniated disks, which cause the sciatic nerve to pinch. I could not stand for very long, or bend in a certain way. Physical therapy … did not relieve my pain.

Dr. Venus … has greatly diminished the pain in my back. Each week it is lessoned that much more. Her fingers know exactly what is going on in my bone structure and knows exactly what to do to correct it. I am sending everyone I know … to her. She really can "fix it for you".

— Wilma Hensley-Cullen

About seven months ago, I fell and severely injured my neck. I could barely turn my neck and had very bad headaches. My doctor sent me to physical therapy but after several months I had very little relief. I then had an MRI of my head and neck.

My wife suggested that I see Dr. Venus Maher who she trusted very much. I talked to Dr. Maher and after studying my MRI report she suggested that I have a cranial adjustment. After the first adjustment my headaches went away and I could move my neck from side to side with just a little pain. After four chiropractic adjustments and three cranial adjustments, I have had no more headaches or neck pain.

I strongly recommend to anyone that has neck pain or headaches to have the cranial adjustments.

Thank you Dr. Maher for being a Doctor With A Heart!

In your care forever — Wayne