For almost 30 years Dr. Maher has been effectively treating patients who have experienced the trauma of auto injuries. When you enter the clinic with an auto injury Dr. Maher will ask you about every moment of the automobile accident and every symptom that has occurred as a result.

This thorough history will guide her to the examination techniques needed to discover the extent of your injuries. X-rays will be ordered, if they have not already been done and are necessary. Once history, examination and x-rays have been done, Dr. Maher will show you what the problems are and recommend solutions.

She will make appropriate referrals whenever necessary. If a chiropractic treatment is called for, Dr. Maher will begin with gentle injury-specific techniques to bring about both pain relief and resolution of the problems caused by the car accident to the greatest degree possible. Typically Dr. Maher will reexamine at the 10th visit to assess the level of improvement in both the signs and symptoms. She will then make recommendations based on the level of progress achieved.

Throughout this process, concurrent with your care, Dr. Maher and her experienced staff will also communicate with the involved insurance companies and attorneys. Maher Chiropractic accepts liens in most cases and will bill automobile insurance companies. You can be confident that all aspects of your case will be addressed and that all professionals involved will work together to help you recover from the trauma of the accident.