Relief for Headaches/TMJ

Headaches are one of the most common problems that chiropractors encounter. The two major causes are misalignments of the bones of the head and the bones the neck. Many people understand that neck problems are successfully treated by chiropractic care. What is not as commonly known is that the bones of the head, the cranial bones, do not fuse but stay separate in adults and can therefore misalign, which in turn can cause headaches and jaw problems. The difficulties resulting from bone misalignments include headaches/TMJ, vision and hearing problems, dizziness as well as sinus and memory problems. TMJ problems are another common cause of headaches. TMJ is short for Temporomandibular Joint. These particular bones of the head can misalign through trauma or stress causing pain, locking of the jaw and difficulties with chewing and speaking.

Cranial work is a specialty within chiropractic care and osteopathy that Dr. Maher has studied extensively. This gentle non-force technique is highly effective in bringing about relief for any of the above problems. Cranial work is so gentle it can be used on infants who had a difficult time in the birthing process as well as on people who have experienced head injuries. Similarly, patients who suffer from sinus problems and allergies appreciate the relief brought about by cranial work’s well thought out approach to sinus problems.

Many headache sufferers have stated that the world looks better and comes into focus after a treatment at Maher Chiropractic.

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