Family practice includes care for pregnant women, infants, children and seniors.

NEWBORNS Usually the first potential trauma is birth. Newborns are checked in the first month or two of life. The baby remains in her mother's arms and I gently examine her spine for misalignments. Most infants are perfectly healthy and require no further follow-up until they begin to walk. Some babies need a very gentle adjustment which might consist of a soft rocking motion with one finger-tip at the area of concern. This adjustment is repeated one to three times and the problem is often solved. A small percentage of children have a more serious problem that requires further treatment. It is wonderful to watch how quickly babies respond to skilled, gentle chiropractic care. This early attention helps prevent life-long problems. Gentle re-alignment of infants has helped relieve colic, ear infections, restlessness (fussy babies), and nursing difficulties.

CHILDREN As children engage in playground activities they require periodic chiropractic care. Usually, a check-up every six months is adequate to maintain a child's spinal health.

SENIORS Dr. Maher has worked extensively with seniors. She understands the many forms of arthritis and has a variety of approaches to help ease the pain of degenerating joints. While many patients fear that their pain is caused by a permanent arthritic condition, they are often happily surprised to find that chiropractic care can decrease pain and increase mobility. The key to life is movement and Dr. Maher works with each patient through gentle exercises and periodic chiropractic check-ups to keep them flexible. The oldest patient Dr. Maher has worked with began his chiropractic care at 92 years of age. Her treatments substantially improved the quality of his life, which shows that no one is ever too old to come find out if chiropractic care can help him.

SPORTS INJURIES Our clinic is skilled at assessing and treating the special needs of children hurt on the fields and courts of Sonoma County. We know about growth plates and common ailments such as shoulder misalignment in young baseball players, and knee issues in soccer players. Whenever necessary, we refer to pediatricians, orthopedists and physical therapists. What your child needs is what your child gets at Maher Chiropratic.