Relief for Back Pain

The most frequent reason people seek chiropractic care is for the relief of back pain. This is because chiropractic care is highly successful in the treatment of back pain. Dr. Maher uses a specific gentle flexion-distraction approach for the majority of low back pain cases. This approach employs the gentle opening and stretching of the involved joints with the use of a Leander table. Disk problems, arthritic joints, and subluxations (bones out of place) can be safely and effectively treated in this manner.

In cases of middle and upper back pain the cause of the pain may be associated with either a bone or a rib out of place. These misaligned bones often cause compression of nerves. Dr. Maher uses a variety of methods to restore the bone to its normal position and take the pressure off the nerves, which brings the sought-for relief.

Dr. Maher’s patients, many of whom have suffered from back pain for years, are frequently surprised how much better they feel after just a few treatments. Typically pain relief is then followed by work to correct the problem and maintain the patients’ health.