Dr. Maher provides a variety of techniques according to her patients’ needs. Her approach is moderate, always starting with a small amount of pressure and then building up. She uses the gentlest approach possible to complete the chiropractic adjustment needed in each case. The techniques involved in her specialties of cranial work, sports medicine and family practice include the following: SOT (Sacral Occipital Technique), Cranial Work, AK (Applied Kinesiology), Diversified, Gonstead and Flexion-Distraction Technique (Cox and Leander Table).

SOT – This gentle method focuses on using blocks as a non-force technique to help the low back and cranial work to restore the body’s natural rhythms.

Cranial Work – This method is primarily used in cases of headaches, TMJ (jaw problems), head injuries, dizziness, as well as eye and ear problems. CW is a highly effective non-force technique that Dr. Maher has spent years studying and applying for her patients’ benefits.

AK – A highly useful tool for diagnostic and treatment purposes, AK uses muscle tests as indicators to identify the system in which the problem occurs and then to see if the treatment was effective. She likes to refer to it as “Find it, fix it and recheck using the same muscle.”

Diversified – This method is one of the primary techniques in chiropractic, a mainstay, used daily in Maher Chiropractic.

Gonstead – This technique represents a direct and effective approach to adjusting created by Dr. Gonstead. It is frequently used for sports medicine and especially effective to alleviate low back pain.

Flexion-Distraction – This method involves the use of a highly specialized table that stretches and opens the joints allowing Dr. Maher to perform gentle adjustments that are often very effective for bulging lumbar disk problems.