Located in Rohnert Park, Maher Chiropractic is dedicated to helping their patients regain and sustain their health through gentle and compassionate care. Combining skill and the latest techniques, Dr. Venus Maher is able to improve wellness and inspire healing in those suffering from a wide range of conditions. She understands that the first step toward healing is listening.

“In the past, I have often felt rushed at medical appointments. With Dr. Venus, the experience is different. Her examinations are thorough. She listens to me and she works with me to identify how my injuries are affecting my body. In the process of her investigation, I learn more about myself. She is always gentle and her treatment works! I am grateful to have found someone I can trust and I value having her as an ally to support my healing.”

Maher Chiropratic offers support to patients through a variety of techniques and expertise, wellness education and health resources. Dr. Maher supports our community by offering free chiropractic care through a program called "Doctors with a Heart". She also contributes by writing a monthly column on sports medicine—Sportswise—for the Community Voice. Recently, she completed an "Essentials of Health" video.

Dr. Maher was recognized as "hitting all the right notes" in an article in the Community Voice on July 21, 2011.

Patients visiting Maher Chiropractic can: Expect to be heard. Expect to be respected. Expect to be cared for.